Static Vision's Christmas Bash 2022
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Serenade puts on popup events showcasing personal and experimental interactive works and videogames.

Our friends at Static Vision and Pink Flamingo Cinema are bringing the year to a close with Static Vision's Big Christmas Bash 2022.

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Christmas Bash Event

Featuring, in alphabetical order:

Christmas Massacre Puppet Combo

Faith Airdorf

Madvent Calendar 3 : Necrosis The Haunted PS1

Saturnalia Santa Ragione

Sticky Cats Jem Smith & Jason Sutherland

Tornuktu Jonny's Games

We’ve been inspired by other exhibitions, collectives and venues around Australia and internationally which highlight games that are deeply personal to their creators, games made without commercial intent and games engaging with topics rarely explored within the wider medium. We wanted to bring some of this energy to Sydney. So much more is possible in games and we don't often get to see it here. We want to contribute to changing that.